This was a project to redesign the website for Zest, a property investment and rental group in Manchester. 



Zest were working with a Digital Marketing Consultant​ to update and redevelop their marketing and content on their site which required a redesign of their site. Zest wanted to show that they’re different to the boring letting agent industry and requested a site that was full of colour and character but still professional. ​ ​

The consultant had provided a mock up that contained an the layout and content for each of the pages on the website. Zest had approved the general structure to these pages but weren’t happy with the design. It didn’t feel professional or engaging and so it was my challenge to make the pages colourful and exciting.


Zest had provided vibrant photographs of their properties so I wanted to use create a design that allowed these to really act as a showcases so I used a big main photo at the top of the page followed by big photos circles to spotlight the photos within the content sections.

I created a concept of using layers to make the page feel modern and interesting. I used clear and separate sections by adding full width white strips for the content and a diagonal line pattern background to break up the sections and to make the negative areas more interesting. The sections also animate in to view as the user scrolls the page, further adding to the concept of layers.

Zest requested that most of the pages used orange as the main colour and for the Investor page to use blue. Taking these colours I created a colour scheme that flowed through different elements on the page including the headers and the CTAs.


Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding