This was a project to redesign the volunteers portal taking a strong user led approach.




The ShelterBox volunteer portal was in it's third edition when I was to be involved in the project as it was not being used by the volunteers as it was difficult to navigate and not very engaging. A fresh approach was needed and a new technology to build the tool used was invested in. 



I started by gathering information from stakeholders about the known issues with the current portal. This was followed up by interviews with some of the volunteers to find out what issues they were having and to gather any early feedback and ideas. 


I then worked with the project owner to identify key volunteer personas so that we could use these throughout the project, making sure each persona group could be referenced to make sure the portal worked for them.



In a workshop and using these personas I sketched out low level sketches on a whiteboard with the project stakeholders. I sketched out each screen and the elements needed, all using the personas to make sure all features and layouts worked for each type. I then turn the sketched wireframes straight in to mock ups.



One of the objectives of the project was to make sure the look and feel to represent the main ShelterBox branding and experience of using the website, so I was able to These were then turned in to prototypes.


The prototypes were then tested with a small group of volunteers that represent each of the different persona groups. This highlighted some pain points and identified opportunities to improve the portal. These were incorporated in to the next round of designs. 

The project is now in the last phase of development and will soon be launched to the volunteers and wider feedback will be gathered and fed in to later development sprints.


See below for some of the final designs. 

vol portal portfolio.png