This project was to conduct user testing on The Student Room navigation structure and key landing pages in order to improve the user experience and create an awareness of the sites key tools and features. 


I moderated in house user testing where I asked students to complete a series of tasks on The Student Room to discover if they were able to successfully complete their tasks, asking them what they expected on pages and to understand how they navigated the site and what their experience was.

I then ran 2 user surveys that over 500 users completed and provided us with a wide range of site behaviour  and needs. I then asked 300 users to take part in a card sorting activity where we tested different names and groupings of content . This highlighted areas that caused issues. 

I also asked users to give us feedback on some of our existing key landing pages, asking them what they found helpful, confusing and asking their opinion on what they would improve and what how they rates the look and feel and layout of these pages. 


Once the user research was completed I reviewed the findings with the product team, analysing the user behaviours and comments. The user research told us what elements of the page were important, as well as providing ideas for new content. I used these to sketch out initial ideas on a whiteboard. From these I created wireframes using real content where possible. This allowed the marketing and community teams with ideas of what content should be included on the page, which ranged promoting tools, forums, hub pages and articles.




Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding