TSR Matters is the home of The Student Room Group website. It was designed to bring together and reflect it's three brands; The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers.

The site requires it to be familiar, informative, reflective of the company and to represent the company values of fun, welcoming, supportive, independent, questioning and useful. 

I became involved in this project at the UI stage, once basic low res wireframes had already been created to define page elements. I was able to take the wireframes for each page and build the look and feel of the website. Although the site needed to reflect the three brands the design, the biggest and most recognisable site is The Student Room. Most of the UI was taken from this site's UI as it represented the company the best. 

The biggest challenge on this project was creating a homepage with a header and footer that would set the look and feel of the site, showcase our offering and that well represented the brand. The layout and structure went through several iterations until all project stakeholders were happy. From here I was able to roll out the UI and make sure each page was coherent and engaging.

The end product results in a very fun, welcoming, bold and bright website that represents the company well and the content can be easily edited and added to.


Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding