This was a project to take the information that is available on the website for customers and create an intuitive app that informed the user of their booking and allows them to use the app to find their villa once in Tuscany.

To Tuscany wanted their customers to have a smooth user experience, where users had all information they needed all in one place and easily accessible whilst in Tuscany, including users would be customers who have booked and are now looking forward to their trip. 


Some of the information required within the app existed on a desktop version of the site but hadn't been visually updated for a long time, so I was also given a separate project to also update these pages, The experience across all devices needed to be consistent. 


There was a lot of booking details and villa information required in the app so the designs needed to be clean, intuitive, engaging and useful. The key information is displayed clearly and without many distractions so users could view their villa in every detail including important arrival information. Users could easily access a map, manage their account and update information, easily contact To Tuscany and leave reviews directly within the app. 

Once the app had finalised designs these were used as the basis of the screenshots used for the app stores and each screenshot was and in different languages for their global customer base. 

To Tuscany portfolio.png


Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding