Taylor & Coles is a newly established but well experienced carpentry company specialising in high-end construction and loft conversions and approached me to design their logo and branding.

For their new company they wanted their branding to really represent their values of quality, conscientious, specialist, attention to detail, honest, clarity, transparency and collaborative. They wanted their brand to reflect longevity and trust. They also wanted a logo that was flexible and could be used in a variety of layouts online and in print, including letters, business cards and also on their work vans.

To I choose the serif typeface Baskerville to represent tradition and longevity. I used it's various weights to create a visual typographic heirachy. 

The create a colour palette that represented various wood colours and tones that allowed the logo to have light and dark variations.

The main logo is contained in a circle to represent authenticity like a stamp or a badge. I included words that represented the brand above and below the company name. Taylor & Coles also requested a simple type version of their logo that could be used as an alternative to the circle graphic, so I created one using the elements of the circle logo.


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Logo and branding
Logo and branding