The brief for this project was to create a single student offers page that could easily be updated and maintained and offered a variety of units that could be easily sold and updated.

I conducted competitor analysis of similar discounts sites in order to get an idea of the type of content that was being advertised. From a business requirement we wanted to make sure that our  requirements were similar to other sites so that it was easy for clients to provide content in the right format. 


Knowing that the content was going to be ever changing and updated I knew the layout had to support this. The page follows a clear grid card like structure which consists of 1 large main promotion, multiple medium and small sections followed by a carousel widget that would be used as extra promotion for the larger sizes for if a user has reached the bottom of the page.

We knew that students are interested in the offer and being able to recognise brands, so these needed to stand out. Each section contains an a logo, headline text and body text, and for the larger sizes and image. The offer is displayed in a bold orange font which enables to it to be easily noticed.

By default the page shows all available discounts and I added a filter option so that users could narrow down the discounts by category to help them find relevant discounts easily. 


Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding