Roast Hunter asked me to redesign their brand asked for a clean, modern and simple look and feel. They requested that the logo be flexible enough to expand to other hunter categories such as pizza, cocktails and burgers. 

Starting with the main Roast Hunter logo I wanted something that would represent finding and searching, so I played with a few ideas of target icons, playing on the word 'hunt'. These didn't feel relevant enough for website so I developed the pin icon, a symbol well recognised on digital maps. I wanted the pin to feel friendly and fun, so went for a rounded small pin. 

For the typography I played with a few bold typefaces, but new I wanted something to compliment the icon, so chose a very rounded and wide typeface. 


I then played with the idea of different icons that could be used to represent the area of the brand, so that it gave a bit more identity to that section. Each icon is simple but still recognisable to the section of the brand they relate to. 

I created was a palette of 8 different but complimentary colours that were bold and bright but a little soft as to not bee too vibrant. Each colour was then applied to each sector.


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Logo and branding
Logo and branding