This was a project to redesign the main navigation and homepage for Rickshaw Travel.


Based off some research in to how users were interacting on the page we knew people were keen to view destinations and trips rather than learn about the company, so the homepage needed to engage people with what they were looking for and making it easy for them to find out. 


As soon as the user landed on the page they were shown a collection of photographs from various destinations, promoting some of the key places and promotions. The search box was made more prominent and given it's own section. A map was added to visually show where in the world some of the destinations and engaging people in a different way. 


With lots of links including destinations and experiences the header and menu needed to be simple and easy to use. On desktop I designed a multi column layout, and on mobile these became expanded sections with darker colour backgrounds for each level in the navigation. The search button also animated to show a large search field making searching from any where on site easy to do.

Rickshaw travel.png


Logo and branding
Graphic design
Logo and branding