The Student Room and Get Revising are brands of The Student Room Group. Both sites launched a new app so the requirement was that the icons could stand on their own but would both reflect that they belong to the same company. 



The Student Room is home to over 2 million members and is the UK's largest online student community with 75% of it's users aged 14-25. The app promotes it's most engaging and popular aspect, discussions.


Get Revising is a study planner and learning app, which schedules revision sessions around a student's personal calendar as well as providing suggestions of learning resources to use to help with the studies. It required an icon that reflected learning. 


The Student Room has a recognisable logo, with the typography within the logo shapes. It is known for using a ‘blob’ character which I experimented with within the designs.

Get Revising has a typographic logo so there was no exiting icon that would represent the website, so the challenge here was to either use an existing icon from the website or to create a brand new icon that. GR has a collection of icons used for the types of learning resources. The other icons used on site are a teacher icon, stars, and there are some that have been used within campaigns


Get Revising uses a thought bubble to represent learning. It uses the typeface from the logo and the shorthand version of the name. 

The Student Room uses the typeface from the logo. As The Student Room is a forum site, a  speech bubble is an icon that already is a strong representation of the brand and I wanted to keep this 

Both icons use the same colour variations and work on white and colour backgrounds, and can use different shades of blue if required to put on a blue background. The shapes are flat and simple but each have an identifying feature


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