This project was to create a mobile and tablet app based on the most engaged and helpful tool on the website, the Study Planner. The study planner is a tool guides users to input their subjects, exams and deadlines and then creates a personalised planner with customisable study sessions. 



To create a study planner on Get Revising a user has to fill in their information using a wizard that had multiple stages and questions, so the challenge was to create an app that used a slimline version process, to ensure that the app version is quick and easy to use but still provided a personalised and useful study planner. 



I had recently worked on a project to make the Get Revising website responsive across different devices, however the Study Planner was not a tool that was available on small or medium size devices as it had the intention of being created in to an app. 

The Study Planner already had a well tested and frequently improved wizard, however this was for large screens only so the challenge her was to simplify it for mobile but without using any functionality and making sure the form fields felt easy and simple to fill in. 

By using the persona’s created from the responsive project I already had a good idea of our users and the needs for the app, so these were re-used to map out the different journeys thats users may take along with identifying areas where a user might differ from the common user journeys. Each step of the process was sketched on whiteboards and then I transferred these to digital wireframes.  


The desktop planner shows different types of sessions by using different colours and icons, which I carried through to the app by introducing the colours to the set up screens and then using the coloured icons on the study planner.

Using the wireframes and the new style guide that I created for the Get Revising responsive site I designed each of the key screens. Most of the study planner contains form fields, which can feel long and boring to users, so in order to avoid drop out I wanted to make sure each screen was as visually engaging as it could be. I used the bright bold colours from the colour palette and a clean legible font.

Once the designs were built I was involved in the functional testing to make sure each page worked at every device size and all the elements had the correct functionality. I also completed a full in-depth visual QA to make sure the finished screens matched the designs.


Logo and branding
Logo and branding
Graphic design