Redesign of the Get Revising homepage to reduce clutter, provide clear CTAs ad to create awareness and promote the three main areas of the site.

The old homepage was very cluttered and had a lot of content that was difficult to navigate, so the main aim of this page was to providing easy, quicker ways to get users to content that is relevant or useful to them by creating a better layout and cleaner design.


On Get Revising users can find resources created by other community members or create their own. Users can also also discuss their studies with the community. The other main tool on the site is the study planner, a tool that can very cleverly populate a revision timetable based around a student's personal calendar and study preferences and needed. 

There are two ways in which users find study resources that they need. They either browse following a pattern of level > subject > topic or they search for a specific resource. We wanted to allow users to be able to easily do either. 

Non-essential information was removed from the homepage

The test was extremely successful with an average increase of 360%. Clicks on 'Organise' saw an increase of 353% for guests and 424% for members. For 'Create' there was an increase of 359% for guests and 342% for members. The 'Start a discussion' which was at the bottom of the page saw the largest increase of clicks for guests, this was up a massive 1291% and 175% for members. 


Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding