To add social log in to registration as well as simplifying and make all registrations routes consistent on The Student Room.

There are many different routes of registration on The Student Room so the project aimed to allow these routes to use a custom registration modal that the marketing teams could manage the content within them to tailor registration messages and benefits depending on what area of the site that users were on. 

The project also required for users to be able to sign up or log in with their Facebook and Google accounts as well as being able to register via the traditional email form.

My objective for this project was to make the registration process as easy and simple to use as possible, to encourage guest users to sign up. I also had to create a design that was flexible enough so that the content could be edited and the design still be at a high standard.

I designed a modal that displayed three options; sign up with Facebook, Google or email. If the user clicked sign up by email the screen would be replaced with the sign up fields.


The modal included an image and a section of text, which are able to be edited by the marketing team. 


Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding