To create an flexible and easy to update University Guide template in the CMS so that University clients can edit and update their own content. 


For this project I worked with the B2B product co-ordinator to analyse the existing page template, highlighting areas that would be mandatory across all of the uni guides as well as ones that clients could edit the content and could be rearranged in the template.

The challenge was to create a template that allowed clients to customise them as needed for their content but also to create consistent user experience and to provide helpful content and as minimally affected user experience and had for the variety of layouts that could be created.

To create a consistent user experience each template had an image header, quick links, intro section and widgets that took content from university application tools on The Student Room. These included student reviews and ratings, a course search tools and a tool that allows users to connect and compare with other students applying to the same university and course.

The other widgets were sections that we worked together to propose would be the best content types. My challenge was to create content blocks that could be used for multiple purposes. Each content block consists of a header, free text with links and images that could be aligned left or right. These blocks could also be full or half page widths, which meant clients could easily move content and the layout would not break. When the guides were rolled out I provided guidance on how to pair blocks up, so for examples if using two half page width blocks to try to make sure the content should be similar in length so that there was not huge areas of empty space.


Graphic design
Logo and branding
Logo and branding